Potential changes to Act 60 in the future

We’ve seen the filing fee, residence purchase requirement, and other changes in the decree over the past few years. there have also been mentions of raising the rates above 0%. What changes are likely to happen to act 60 in the future? how likely are those changes?

I wouldn’t worry about the changes to the acts. There is always a proposal coming up that almost always goes no where. And once you receive your grant the terms of the grant, which is a contract between yourself and Puerto Rico, are fixed and future changes do not apply to previous grants.

on the other hand, don’t put blind faith into PR honoring its contracts/decrees without jacking up the annual compliance fees from $300 to $5000 to even more in future years. If they can get away with $5000, nothing will stop them from changing the annual compliance fees even higher. Furthermore, you need to factor the risk of PR becoming a state, negating the20/22/60 benefits.