Should I be worried that my decree application is still in review?

My individual investor application has been in ‘review’ status as per the portal for over a year now. My CPA told me that my decree will be effective from the year when I applied (2021), and that I will be subject to the stipulations of Act 60 as it was at that time (if there have been any amendments since).

I reached out to the DEDC through the portal mesenger (4 messages without a response…) but have not pushed the matter because I am also told that by delaying my approval, the date of required residence purchase is also delayed. I would like to delay this as long as possible while not jeapordizing my decree application.

So, a few questions:

  • Should I be worried that it’s taking so long?
  • what is a normal time period to wait for approval?
  • is it true that I am eligible for benefits starting in the year that I applied
  • is it true that my primary residence is required to be purchased within 2 years of my decree approval date?
  • is there any conceivable way that by waiting longer I am jeapordizing my application?