Welcome to The Act 60 Knowledge Project!


I built this forum to be the Stack Exchange of Act 60 - a well-organized and ever-growing database of collective knowledge for Act 60 and tax optimization. It replaces the various facebook groups, resource guides, and law firm blogs that make it difficult to cut through the noise for answers.

The Problem

You probably know by now that most information sources on Act 60 tax advice are vague and contradictory - depending on which CPA you hire, which friend you ask, or which law firm blog you find, you’ll get different answers. Worse still, most of them are trying to sell you something and have perverse incentives.

The Solution

Existing solutions lack a few key features:

  • Reputable moderators endorsing correct answers and eliminating duplicate and off-topic posts
  • Private channels for candid discussion exclusively amongst decree holders
  • Surfacing our Q&A on Google to educate the Act60-curious, attract more expert opinions, and accelerate growth in our community of decree holders
  • Organization and tooling to find answers fast

With these tools at our disposal, I think you’ll find the experience of finding answers and making informed decisions on Act 60 and protecting your wealth is much easier.

Go forth and prosper

So – go ahead, poke around! Start with our Onboarding Guide. Answer some polls, check our Compliance Calendar, and get mobile notifications with the app!

Let’s make navigating Act 60 simpler, together.

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