**What Professionals Have Experience with Real World Act 22/60 Residency Audits. Can you make a referral?**

Does anyone know someone with this type of real world audit experience that it would be possible to engage for advising?

There are a lot of requirements for PR residence, and many of them are quite subjective, esp as regards weight of evidence for closer connection. Many people including attorney and CPA service providers are offering advice that largely represents their personal opinion regarding how the IRS/PR regs would maybe be interpreted in the event of a residency audit. Basically they are offering their personal interpretation of the publicly available documents.

A much more data-informed approach would be to get guidance from someone with real experience in such residency audits. What facts are actually requested, considered, and how are they weighted?

This would be really valuable to the entire community in terms of deciding what the relative risk factors actually are in real audits.

For many people residency is quite cut and dried, but clearly there are areas of interpretation. Thank you.

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Did you end up finding more info along these lines?