What tax strategies should I plan for when I leave PR?

Should I look into moving my assets into a trust? What about resetting my cost basis? When is it sensible to initiate my move, while still fulfilling residency requirements?

regarding resetting cost basis- it’s all about intent.

if you sell unmarketable securities/SAFEs/SAFTs for $1 and it really is a sale - you don’t care if you ever get them back - then it’s fine. issues crop up if you have some sort of deal like “hey, i’ll sell to you for a $1 now and buy back in 30 days for $10”. That’s a problem b/c in the latter case you are not really selling them. You’ll also want to make sure your sale price is roughly the market price. And have some sort of evidence that it is the real market price, even if that is near zero

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