When do I have to buy a home by?

I get conflicting answers from multiple sources

all decrees are different, but according to a quote from a 2022 post, it must be purchased within 2 years of obtaining (accepting) the decree. you must own the (a?) residence for the duration that you want act 60 benefits. Generally this means you must receive mail there, spend considerable time there, and not rent out the home.

(c) Resident Individual Investors shall submit proof of having acquired by purchase, as sole owner or jointly with his spouse, within two (2) years after obtaining the Decree under the provisions of this Code, the ownership of real property in Puerto Rico, from an owner, whether such owner is a person or company that is completely separate and unrelated to the person holding a Decree under this Code, that shall serve as his primary residence in the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico and he shall attest in the annual Report that he maintains sole and exclusive ownership of real property that serves as principal residence, whether by himself or jointly with his spouse, during the effective period of the Decree.

Exactly, purchased within 2 year period of the effectiveness date unless you request an extension or amendment to your decree’s year of effectiveness, amendment of specific lines, parts of the contract (act 60 decree), or amendments of requirements. Remember that an Act 60 decree is a contract with the government that can be amended, however there are circumstances and chances for such request to be approved and signed by the Secretary of the Economic Department.